Thursday, 25 March 2010

Knitted characters!

I found these little knitted animals in a local craft shop (Apart from the chick which was being sold for charity in another shop). They are all handmade and I love them. I think they look really quirky all sat in and around my 'home' sign I have in my living room. I would love to be able to knit something. Im going to make a start on attempting a scarf very soon!

salt dough hearts

I made these saslt dough hearts with pink food colouring and hung them on a piece of wall art - I think it gives it an interesting look!

make an old jumper a bit more fancy!

I sewed on some little beads onto the bottom of an old jumper to jaz it up a bit!

cards using music paper

I bought some music paper from a charity shop the other week, for about 20p for the book I think. Ive started using bits of the pages for backgrounds in my cards.

simple cards

I love making cards (see previous posts), even going as far as having a 'craft day' with my friends the other day to make out mothers day cards! Sometimes its nice to create a very simple effect like the cards above. I made these using either just a piece of wire to thread some interesting beads or charms, or even just sticking on simple sequins. The best, or most cost effective way to start card making is just to collect bits and pieces from various places. If you see some packaging that has a nice pattern on it, then instead of getting rid of it all - cut some out and pop it in a drawer. You dont need to collect loads and loads - cards are only small, so its not a hobbie where you need a massive amount of space.

new baby boy and girl cards

These new baby cards are very different from my previous ones (see previous posts).
These cards were made using ready made card toppers, which I found in a little craft shop (15p each) and using various bits of paper (including music sheets - bought from a charity shop, think the whole book of music was about 20p and should last ages) I have created an effect, which clashes but also looks a bit vintage.

new baby boy cards!

This card is for a new baby boy (see previous post as to how I made it). I think its nice to show some effort with making a new baby card, as its highly likely that it will be kept and put in a scrap book.

Flower painting

Flower painting
(Painted in 2008)